I'm experiencing playback problems with my newly purchased Blu-ray player that I just can NOT fathom out.
I rented a copy of 'The Avengers' film and whilst watching, found that the picture and sound disappears at precise (exact same place) times and for exactly 20 seconds, on ten different occasions during the film. Assuming that I had a flawed copy, I went back to the shop and changed it. Then when viewing the new copy, the exact same thing happens... at the exact same times (to the second). Now, I can only think that it must be the player that is at fault. So, back to the shop and change the player.
Guess what.. still the same problems at exactly the same times in the film (now on two seperate discs and two seperate players).
Out of desperation, I tried the disc in a friends Blu-ray player and it works perfectly!
Is this Model seriously flawed and should be avoided at all cost, or am I missing something here?