Tv model: 47PFL4307k/12. Software: Q554E_0.93.0.0
I have problems with converting 2d content to 3d.
When i convert a DIVX file or a digital satellite signal to 3d by remote control, the picture becomes enlarged and double. The double view is wide apart and a part of te picture in 2d on the left side of the screen is projected to the right side when converting to 3d. Playing 3d games in 3d on a Playstation 3 is working fine. But when i try to convert a 2d file or digital signal to 3d the pictures becommes messy. I just see an enlarged double screen of the original content. Why does this happen.
Can"t i just convert regular 2d to 3d or does the file to be converted need certain specifications. The ad said that i should be able to convert my old 2d black and white movies to 3d.