I have a Philips 40pfl5007h-k12 led tv. I think the default speakers of this tv are very worse. They making high pitched sound. For this reason I want to use external speakers. I tryied to use optical out and headphone out in left side on tv for connect external speakers. So when I connect speakers, I canít control easily the volume with tvís remote control. I have to enter a few menu for access headphones volume control screen. (menu/setup/tv settings/sound/headphones volume) It isn't useful and user friendly. It must be easier. I cant do it every time when I want to control the volume of tv.

And there is a another problem. This tv dont support turkish letters when showing subtitles. Itís show different letters. That's why turkish users canít use this tv for divx playing. We need a firmware update.

Thank you for your support.