Hi I would like to have the opportunity of having dual view with 2 sources at the same time on my 2012 47" pfl6877t.
Imagine watching tv while your kid playing on your gamingconsole, fullscreen at the same time, Or like in my case, I want to play my games at the same time as my wife want to watch her tv programs. It would be awsome to have that function. We can already play fullscreen in 2 player mode with the dual play glasses on! Why can't you bring that concept to dual sources. The sound would of course have to be just from one source, but today we are able to connect headsets directly to the console for the audio transfer! so that will not be an big issue Please take this Idea and make something with it! be the first brand to offer it Philips! And to all of you other readers, wouldn't it be great?

//Lars from snowy Sweden.