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    5.1 digital output dropout 46PFL5507H/12

    Hello everyone,

    I have connected my TV digital output (updated with latest firmware) with a toslink cable to my digital input port on a LG Home Theater. TV is set: digital output = multichannel, the sound emitted by the 5+1 speakers dropout every 5 seconds, could be that for a minutes is ok then it happens again 10 times.
    If TV is set: digital output = stereo then sound is perfect (I would like to have multichannel output)
    The source of signal could be : MySkyHD satellite receiver connected to the TV via HDMI , sound on HDMI is Dolby surround (if sound is set : HDMI = stereo then result is like to set digital sound output on TV = stereo, this happens also if source is a multimedia box (Emtec N200) connected to the TV via HDMI (same sound settings as the MySkyHD and same faulty output if multichannel is selected)
    I have also tried to play a divx from windows PC and the sound is dropping if digital audio output = multichannel is set in the TV

    Note: MySkyHD and Emtec N200 send dolby surround perfectly to the LG Home theater if connected to it with toslink cable , my problem is that I have only one digital IN on the LG so I would like to use the philips tv as a "hub" to collect all inputs and send digital output to the home theater.

    This is a pity because the TV is a good product.

    I hope Philips will solve the problem because I have read here that is a problem of many TV models.
    Thanks and best regards.
    Andrea Venturino.
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