I thought I'd better post it here as well:

I hope I found something that might help developers @Philips in resolving the HDNM issue.

The HD Natural Motion Bug (HDNM) that causes pixel clouds & ghosting when this 'feature' is MINIMUM or higher. I think this bug is widely reproduced at this forum.

Now offcourse I have switched HDNM 'OFF' (dissapointingly enough) to have at least an acceptable picture quality.

Now last Sunday I was watching a (slow-paced) drama show over the analogue cable, and there it was again: clear 'juddering' around the channel's logo. Kinda upset I checked my settings (HDNM was OFF). But then I realised I had switched on the subtitles via Teletekst so I could keep the volume low.

So hopefully someone can reproduce the following:
HDNM - Off
Pixel Precise (and all other 'improvement features') - Off
Cable TV - On
Teletext - On

There is the juddering, even though HDNM is OFF.

Could it be that the Teletekst-layer and the HDNM-layer have the same buggy effect on the hardware? If so, it should be easier for Philips to pin-point the issue.

Benedicte (or other admins) let me know if you need more details. And good luck. I'm still hopeful that this bug can be resolved at one point.