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I had firmware 150.48.13 in my tv 40pfl7007h, the problem with that software i had was the teletext does not work when you turn the tv on, you must switch channel than teletext works. And sometime's a software crash.
So i did update it to 150.48.14 and now things are worse, channels changes keeps stuk after a few changes firmware hangs.
Teletext after a few page's change up and down it hangs.
The only thing i can do is pull the power off a hardware reset.
So i did an online chat session with philips help they were nice to me but, they did give me someting to flash back firmware,
but that did not work, not recognised at all. I could not flash back.
Tv crashes more and more till do have nothing but black screen any more.
Hardware reset does not help at all.
Now it must be repaired.
The only thing i see now is when it stands very long, the front led goes on after a long time and blinks two times.
Further no reaction anymore its dead.
It can be that i have a bad tv, that can happen.
But why did they not make an option to save your old firmware, ore a default firmware so you can flash again when something like this happens, and i think i am not the only one with troubels.
And it seems that the user is testing their software, something they should do self (expensive i know, but that wil make your philips name mutch better a nearly bugfree firmware).
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