I have a 42PFL4307H/12 with updated latest firmware Q554E-
Unlike most DLNA users who are trying to stream movies across the network from their computer to their TV, I want to use the computer to send a DLNA (SOAP/UPNP) command to the TV to play a movie that is located on a USB stick connected to slot USB3 of the TV. The movie plays fine when I use the remote control via "Browse USB".
I have no problem using most DLNA commands like SetMute, SetVolume, etc.
However, I want to use the AVTransportURI protocol to queue up the movie before calling Play. The problem is that I can't find the correct file system path to include. For example, it might be "file://USB3/movie.mp4" or "". Everything I try results in a "Error Code 716: INTERNAL ERROR", where I can find on the internet that UPNP error #716 means the resource can't be located.
Could someone please let me know the right URI to use?