I bought the 32PFL5606H a while ago:
- and have been more than happy with it; it's still the best TV I've used, after checking several others, from LG's to Samsung's, etc. The picture is beautiful, the sound is superb, the software is powerful and error-free, the menu is a pleasure to use...

Anyway, the time came to buy a TV for a second room, and I thought I would pick a similar Philips, but with the newly added 3D craze. So, I chose the 32PFL5507K:

I have it now, and... it is a good TV set, definitely, and if I had no previous point of reference, I wouldn't even have posted the thread - BUT its picture quality is visibly worse than that of the 32PFL5606H. For example, I use HD multimedia/file players connected over HDMI, and while the 32PFL5606H displays the fonts in file browser flawlessly, there are artifacts around them in the 32PFL5507K. (The TV menu fonts, the Philips logo, etc., all show a similar effect, by the way. It's like the difference between the smooth edges of a lossless .PNG and the noticeably more jagged edges of a .JPEG, compressed at, say 75% quality.)

Of course, I'll be keeping the 32PFL5507K, but since I might be picking up a third TV somewhere down the line, I'd like to know this time what to pick to enjoy the quality of my first 32PFL5606H *and* some of those new features that the 32PFL5507K has.

Basically, as I mentioned in the title, I'd like a *true* successor to the 32PFL5606H, with the same (or better, hah picture - and with the additional features of 3D and high refresh.

What model would that be? Or is it something that's coming up?

By the way, does anyone know the reason for the difference? I've read this:
- and it seems that the reason may be the new new panel, from that crappy manufacturer Samsung rather than from Sharp. Did the 32PFL5606H have Sharp's panel, is that the difference? (If that's the case, then I guess the 3rd TV would have to have Sharp's panel as well - so that would, apparently, my one more requirement.)

(Second and last BTW: it would be useful to have a quick 3D switch button on the remote, especially for the 2D/3D conversion mode. It's a bit cumbersome to have to walk around the menu in the 32PFL5507K to switch it on or off.)