To make a long story short, I have tried about anything I can do to effect the monitor screen through my PC.. The problem is that the TV i am using as a monitor will not fit to my screen... I have tried the resolution, Scaling, messing around with as many of the monitor setting's as possible, and still no change... Now after a year dealing with this problem, I finally post'd a thread, what I did find is that their is a PC Setting's in my TV menu, I go into that and it has a "Horizantal change" "Vertical change" and this other one I forgot... We'll sinse faith hate's me, those setting's are grey'd out a lock'd. I would really want a reason to why this is happening.

P.S. Please don't view my thread and ignore me... Last time I had a thread with over 100 views on this other forums and no one reply'd.. That really disturb's me.