I have the below described problem:
Just after switch on the set with the on/off button the set is going to standby (earlier setting before hard switch off).
When you press the standby again (to wake up from standby) and you are too early (before the back-light has switched off again during booting) there is only a black screen and you see the ambilight and hear sound.

Will this be fixed in next software versions or is it hardware related.
Note that it only happens during first start-up and last switched off to standby!

This problem is described in earlier software versions as well, see below quote on version 84:

I've tested some with the TV and I think I know the problem with the black screen and ambilight/sound working. When turned on with the hard switch, the Philips logo will appear. DON'T USE THE REMOTE AT THAT MOMENT! Please wait 20-30 seconds till the screen will turn off (the backlight must be turned off as well). It seems like the TV accepts instructions from the remote during the boot!

I have updated the software to the newest 101 version!