Even after reading the bad reviews of the Philips Android Dockstudio app I bought a AS111 and installed the Dockstudio app on my Samsung S3. After 2 days of experimenting I can confirm a lot of the bugs and annoyances other users have with Dockstudio. I dumped the Dockstudio software and replaced it for the free version of Alarmdroid.
My problem is that Alarmdroid works a lot better but I still have to do too many actions when I need to set the alarm and sound through the dock.

I work as a software developer and I think the Dockstudio app can be made a lot simpler (Hey it only needs to do wakeup and snooze) and more user friendly. That’s why I am interested in the source code for the Dockstudio app and especially the communication part of the software to set the clock and the wakeup icon on the display.

Is the source code (for the communication) downloadable?

Btw, The AS111 Dock itself is a very nice sounding dock with a stunning design !