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    Tip: What do the colors of the LED light mean?

    The indication light, located above the power button, shows the current status of the speaker:

    If there is no light from the LED, the speaker is powered off.

    If there is light from the LED, Refer to the below for different meanings:

    Light Meaning
    Blinking amber light The speaker is starting up.
    Solid amber light There is no network connected to the speaker.
    The light is white and amber alternatively Non-WPS connection is in progress. Follow the set-up instructions on the App.
    The light is green and amber alternatively WPS connection is in progress. Press WPS button on the router; and follow the set-up instructions on the App.
    Solid white light The speaker is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    Blinking white light The speaker is muted. Unmute the speaker using the App.
    Solid green light The speaker is connected to a Wi-Fi network; and it is in standby mode.
    The speaker enters standby mode after it has been idled for 30minutes. To switch on the speaker, press power button.
    Blinking amber light Firmware upgrade is in progress.
    Solid red light There is firmware problem during the firmware upgrade.
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    LED light is not coherent such as in lasers. It's incoherent just like fluorescents or even incandescents. And no light occurs during reverse bias because there is no electron flow to excite photon activity. IR-type LEDs are just constructed of different materials to take advantage of the resonant properties in that range of frequencies.

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