Hello , i bought 42PFL4307H/12 and i wanted to try DLNA , so i put a .mkv file to my windows share folder... I could see only Wildlife.wmv thats windows 7 default video.. so i installed xbmc to my pc and then i was able to see .mkv files but with an X and it was saying video format is not supported...

I tried TVersity and now i can play .mkv files but with no subtitles.... I tried a lot of subtitle files .srt .idx .sup but it doesn't support them.

After that i tried to mux the subtitles to my .mkv file, so now i have only the movie file with no external sub file , but subtitles doesnt work.

The only way to have subtitles is to hardcode them to the video ??? Can someone give us a clear answer ? Can we watch movies with subtitles?