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    Net TV Bugs, where do I start


    Net TV bug list for me here in Ireland

    1. NetTV is ALWAYS down. It seems down about 50% of the time. The single most UNRELIABLE piece of technology I own. I daren't ever risk showing it to my friends as I am sick of being embarrassed.

    2. When you reinstall your TV, You have to re-register your product. It never seems to remember you.

    3. Right now it's saying to me "To complete NET TV signin, please switch your TV set off and on again". I've tried this several times using both hard and soft resets. Just gave up. Again

    4. No EPG working via NET TV. See my post in the IP/EPG section

    5. Its a horridly slow and unusable interface when it does work. Try using the onscreen keyboard or typing with the remote....Its so slow, for god sakes will you release a keyboard API, or some other solution

    6. When you use DLNA (Browse PC), your brightness and contrast settings are ignored and this over bright TV blinds the eyes off you.

    7. I never experienced a single widget. Whenever I clicked the option, It always told me none were available. Now that they are gone, you are meant to be able to watch TV while using NetTV. This does not seem to work, all I see is a small window to the right for TV but it is always just blank (blank). I can select the window, make it full screen etc, but it's just a blank screen.

    8. Whenever I click Home - Watch TV, it fails on the first go and I have to repeat the process in order to enter "Watch TV" mode."

    For gods sakes Philips, please start to get this stuff right. I am really starting to regret ever buying this thing.

    One last issue I HATE. Why should I need to have to purchase a wireless dongle to use WiFi MediaConnect. I already have my TV networked via Ethernet, so why cant I download WiFi MediaConnect without a wireless dongle product key. That's a very annoying ripoff seeing as I have already paid 100 quid for the tv itself don't you think.
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