I got a 55PFL8007 in late July and am fighting to get SmartTV running ever since - without any success so far.

Here's what my setup looks like: 55PFL8007 connected to a router that connects to my local ISP. No problems with Internet access whatsoever - I can even open hbbtv pages from various TV stations on my TV, so Internet connectivity as such is working.

But when it comes to Smart-TV I always get the error message "Philips server not found".

So I opened a support case with Philips back in August.

Here's what already has been tried since then:

o) Replace motherboard
o) use the latest software (currently QF1EU_0.150.48.13_bld3a on that box which is the latest available)
o) different router

no change.

I even did a full blown network (wireshark) trace to dig further what's going on on the network side. What I found out is that after the three-way TCP-handshake between my TV and the philips server at the TV tries to access the following URL:


This request is immediately followed by a TCP reset from the server. .

So I included a full blown network trace and a detailed description of the problem. Reaction of Philips so far?

After 1.5 months (!) I was told that the my problem has been "handed over to the colleages at Eindhoven". In each one of my calls to the helpline since then the only thing I was told was "we don't have any news on your problem".

So we've got more than three months with an open support case for a simple matter like making Smart-TV available for a genuine Philips TV. Not one at the low end but a box running for about EUR 2.500,- !

This is the reason why I'm looking for help in this forum.

Does anybody out there have an email-address/contact of the guys at Philips who really are in charge of Smart-TV from the server side? I'm absolutely positive that the problem is with the server side since I get a TCP-reset immediately when my TV tries to open the URL given above.

In several postings in this forum I found hints that the MAC-address of the TV must be registered with Philips. If this is the case where and how can the address be registered?

Thanks much in advance for any clue,