Hello guys!
I'm the owner of this really stylish product (AJ7010/12), but I'm experiencing great problems with the reception of the external temperature sensor.
Even if I've contacted and sent the product to a customer care point, they haven't been able to solve my problem.
What happens is that, if I place the alarm clock and its sensor in "open air", the reception range reaches more than 10 meters; but, when I move inside my flat, from one room to another (that means around 4 meters and passing through two not bearing walls) the contact is lost. I've tried all the three coomunication "channels" (i.e. frequencies) but nothing has changed.
This thing is really astonishing since the declared range is over 30 meters, so I'm wondering if this product is defective "by design", excluding an usage in internal spaces (that includes "obstacles" between the clock and the sensor).

Has anyone experienced this same problem? Is there a solution or do I have to resign?