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    GoGear Ariaz 8GB Suggestions

    ░ Suggestion 1 of 2 ░

    [Custom firmware capability for GoGear Ariaz /37]

    • Rockbox is a free dual-bootable replacement firmware for digital music players.

    It runs on a couple of Philips mp3 players:

    1. Philips GoGear HDD16X0/18X0
    2. Philips GoGear HDD63X0
    3. Philips GoGear SA9200

    Unfortunately as this is a community developed firmware you have to wait for someone to take up the task of toying around with a specific device (Read: Hacking it) and hope they can figure out how to safely apply the firmware across the different variations of a class of MP3 player.

    Rockbox greatly enhances the capability and therefore value of any MP3 player due to a myriad of features implemented in the firmware, such as intelligent seeking, custom playback speed(Time-Stretching), advanced recording features with custom output formats and radio recording, audio bookmarking, support for many different filetypes for audio as well as video, radio support, image viewing, and many other really useful features.

    Exposure to Rockbox pretty much spoiled the majority of the standard firmwares for most of the MP3 players out there. However I must say, even though I was initially skeptical of the SongBird software, it's proved to be a rather useful counterpart to my Ariaz, I especially love the fact that it auto-formats my videos to the proper resolution and automatically syncs it to my device!

    Which brings me to the second suggestion.

    ░ Suggestion 2 of 2 ░

    [Intelligent Seeking]

    Being that the first suggestion is an obvious pipe dream I have 1 main thing that I miss from Rockbox.

    That is the way Rockbox implemented seeking. The way it works is, as you press fast forward or rewind the device starts seeking faster and faster and faster nonstop UNTIL it reaches the MIDDLE of the song or video, wherein the device will slowly start seeking slower and slower to a more manageable level so that by the time you get to the end you don't accidentally overseek into the next song on the playlist.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ibdn74KdQh9pql.JPG 
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Size:	6.3 KB 
ID:	1542

    Everything worked this way by the way, for audio as well as video. It even worked like this when scrolling through files, it got progressively faster the longer you held it down.

    Basically I wish everything searched through faster, a really long song (Let's not even talk about really long videos) on the Ariaz takes way too long to seek.

    Can we expect an improved interface for the Ariaz 1.09 firmware? An hour long song takes way too long to seek!

    Thanks for reading.
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