Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my Philips 37PFL8605 tv (has the latest firmware update) in combination with the Mediatomb media server.

Whenever I play a video, or navigate through images, the tv seems to lose connection to the media server. When watching a movie, this translates to the movie suddenly stopping, and the tv returning to the 'server list' view. The media server disappeared from that list and doesn't return until I restart the tv.
When viewing images the same thing happens. The tv returns to the 'server list' view, where the media server I was browsing from had disappeared.

The odd thing is that none of this happens when streaming images or videos from a Windows Media Player server, and the problem also never occurs when using a different player other than the tv to watch from that Mediatomb media server.

Has anyone ever seen a problem like this before and knows how to solve this? Or does anyone know how I can investigate the problem any further? (debug logs on tv or something similar)

Thanks in advance,
- Kaydub