Hi, I just bought CI+ module for my 37PFL5405H and tried to remove the DVB-C tuner from my system. Unfortunately I was dissatisfied with user experience, so I am going to buy another tuner and stop using CI+ inside the TV. Here goes the list of problems:

- for some countries like Russia you have to choose Germany during initial setup of channels, because DVB-C option is disabled if you choose Russia. I can't find this option once I've installed channels.

- EPG timezone is implicitly defined by this country setting so you end up with completely unusable EPG showing you only the programs that will start in 4 hours. That also affects current program info: it is selected correctly but with wrong start-end times

- current program info is shown with a few keystrokes on a blank screen. I expect pressing e.g. Red button and see a dialog describing current program over the picture.

- the sorting of found channels by alphabet makes it almost impossible to efficiently use the list, usually HDTV providers order channels by topic groups (movies, news, sports, kids and so on). Reordering the channels via remote is a pain and almost impossible (although I was able to do it via service menu and a PC program, but this is a hard hacking)

EPG is bad, almost unusable. Here's what I need from it:
- showing the details for the currently selected program. The details are accessible only via context menu with at least 3 keystrokes, open slowly. This is unusable for selecting a program.
- it is very nice to align 2-3 programs for a single channel by the start time, not just 2 columns
- current program preview window while in EPG mode could be very useful
- EPG language setting (national vs English) that is independent of TV language setting

- favorities are almost unusable if I want to work with all channel list and sometimes shortcut to a few channels I like. Entering the menu and switching the list mode has nothing to do with "shortcuts"

- it could be nice to show a quick program info in a dialog box while jumping over channels

I understand that you are not likely to change features of older equipment but it could drastically improve user experience. Actually from my perspective those are not just improvements but about fixing serious usability bugs that should be done even for older models.

Thank you for your attention!