I am a 47PFL6877K/12 Philips smart tv owner.

I've had this youtube issue since I bought the tv a month ago. Application is opening fine, but videos are not loading.

Even I always had the latest firmware and even I use the wired connection I couldt resolve this issue with my personal effort. All other nettv applications are working fine, I can watch videos on viewster (I guess) application, even I can watch cnn live broadcast via network but youtube is killing me.

my firmware is:

I can also tell you that I'm not the only person having this problem in Turkey, I'm a member of a tech bulletin board named forum.donanimhaber.com (which is very popular here) people are talking about this, and also bealive that soon or later Philips is going to fix it with a new update. In addition PFL6877 is not the only tv having this youtube issue, I read many posts from other philips smart tv owners as well.

Thanks in advance.