I have just purchased an HSB2313A/F7 Soundbar at the suggestion of Customer Support. It seems to be the only soundbar with Easylink Support as I am trying to connect it to a 32PFL4505D/F7 TV. The TV supports Easylink. I cannot seem to find a combination that works like I thought it should.

I want to use only one remote to control the TV and Soundbar like the TV manual says. I cannot find any combination of hooks-ups that will let me do this. Both manuals are silent on how to make this connection. It looks like I should be able to hook the TV to HDMI 1 as this has the audio output (according to the TV manual). Logically it seems that the other end should go to HDMI out which would be necessary to use the soundbar as an HDMI hub (my next step), but other connections don't work either.

With this the TV HDMI 1 connect to HDMI out, the soundbar will turn on and off when the TV turns on and off (if I set the TV sound to Easylink speakers), but I cannot control the volume - specifically I get no sound. I can mute the non-existent sound. i.e. when I push mute on the TV remote, "mute" appears in the soundbar display so it seems to know something is there.

I can get a combination I can probably live with, but requires me to use a Universal Remote. If I connect the soundbar to my co-axial output and set the soundbar to co-ax, I can get sound and the soundbar will still turn on and off with the TV. But I will have to program the universal remote to use the soundbar for volume. I will also have to set the sound level to zero, as mute is reset every time the TV is turned on (setting TV Speakers to "Off" rather than "Easylink"", prevents the soundbar from turning on with the TV.

Can anybody tell me how to connect and set up these two devices to work properly together. If I am buying a soundbar to work with my TV, I expect it to be able to do that. I am getting frustrated.

Thanks for any help.