42pfl6007/k12: Let's make things better, Sense and simplicity?!

Same and more problems here. This television should not be sold this way. Every update seems to add another new problem.

Some problems:
  • Flickering/watering effect on fast (horizontal) moving objects (especially with 3d on)
  • Remote control is very slow not responsive at all. Have to unplug the power.
  • TV not recovering from stand by mode (in all modes)
  • Youtube app cannot handle 1080p movies and starts to falter
  • Long Youtube movies in HD mode (>75 minutes) don't play at all
  • TV crashes on Youtube while automatically trying playing next movie
  • Menu animations very slow and too ambitious for current hardware specifications (please enable option to disable effects)
  • NetTV function login sometimes unsuccessful at first time
  • NetTV screen slow because of frames using the Internet. Disable these ads (and TV preview too?) to make space for more app icons!!!!! Didn't pay for those game ads. Its a TV, not a game computer.
  • Make apps (shortcuts) available offline, not online (imagine the Philips (partner) site being offline, you have no SmartTV).
  • Web browser is useless (slow, zoom in, zoom out). Opera is usually OK, but maybe you should try chrome or chromium.
  • DNLA player stops half way the movie or starts to falter
  • DNLA: No playable files
  • TV does not support AAC codec, 5.1 etc. So every time I have to convert audio to MP3 or AC3.
  • TV does not support MKV subtitels or multiple audio languages???
  • TV forgets WiFi password at times

To sum up all problems... slow, unresponsive, unstable and not so smart at all! My mobile outperforms this TV.

My advise is to hire some other manager and new ("Smart thinking") programmers.

To be continued...

Denny Lenselink.