After re-storing the satellite channel-list from USB-Stick I have a serious problem with my 32PFL9705. Something did completely go wrong.
If switched on with mains switch, the TV is continuous rebooting, but no picture is visible. During start-up, after approx. 10 sec. the front LED blinks 9 times, then a pause and 9 times again. After approx. other 10 seconds, it switches off an reboots again. Within these last 10 seconds, the IR receiver works, so I tried then to activate SAM or CSM. But nothing did work. There were also several trials to set the display option code.

The only way, to have a different behaviour is, if I press "cursor down" and then switching on the TV (procedure for back-up software application). Then there is no rebooting and blinking, but also nothing else.

In the list of LED blinking error codes, there is no 99.

Is there another trick to try ?

Thank you very much for help.

Best regards