Hello, I have PHILIPS 40PFL5007H/12 bought on 12 nov 2012 (7 days ago)
Connected to my TV : HDTV-receiver on HDMI 3 , HD-DVD-recorder via Component. I have also put these devices in the list of installed/connected devices (viewable via Home-button).
I have the following very annoying issue :
Most of the times, it is impossible to change directly from source HDMI 3 to source Component and backwards using the source-button or even via the Home-button (via the installed devices).
The TV blocks/remains/stays on the original source/device without jumping to the chosen source/device, (sometimes I get a black screen but with the sound of the original source) .
Sometimes it succeeds after a minute retrying, or by first going via Home/configuration and return. Only a few times it worked immediately. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO LOGIC IN IT.
The ‘source-button’ on the remote control sometimes doesn’t react (no source-list) although the red light on the TV reacts when I push the button.
I even put new battreries in the remote : no change. Even after switching off or deconnecting the TV : no change.
I already reïnstalled the TV, upgraded to the latest software version (.93.) : no solution !
(I have the impression that it was okay the first days )
Please help me.
Many thanks
Jos (Brugge Belgium)
ps: otherwise : great sharp en clear image