I got 42PDL6907k/12 and I was watching multimedia materiel over DLNA since then. However yesterday TV stopped to recognize DLNA server on my computer. Simply it is stuck on screen please turn on your computer and media server. TV will continuously look for it...I tried the following:

1. I rebooted my router
2. I turn off all software protection from my computer
3. I tried direct connection.
4. I Unplugged TV for 5 min then re power it.
5. I erased internet history.
6. I looked at TV network setting and TV sees my router.

Also my router see TV I can also ping TV, NET TV also works, i have the latest firmware. On network settings for my computer (home category) stream option is enables and windows 7 can see my TV but TV does not see media server. When I load Windows media player 12 I have icon for streaming (hard disk like icon in top right corner) but that icon is grayed out. Can someone help me?

Thank you,