Iíd like that the next Net TV (9705) firmware release will have these new features:

1) Enhanced Internal Media Player software (USB movies):
a. GO-TO function
b. Play-list option
c. Resume option (e.g. I play a movie from USB, then I pause the movie and switch to TV, after I come back to USB and Iíd like to resume playing from the last point)
2) Enhanced On screen menu (I refer to the information shown when I switch tv channels, now itís very basic there is only TV channel number and itís name ):
a. Add actual resolution (480; 576; 720p/i; 1080p/i, etc.)
b. Time and date;
c. Whatís on
It would be nice to have an option to enable or disable this enhanced on screen menu; so we can choose between the basic (actual) or the enhanced.
3) An option to pause/freeze the TV image (e.g. when I watch a TV channel and I have to read a telephone number).
4) Add a PVR option to record what I see on the TV channel on a USB stick

Thank in advance for your support!