I did already ask in this thread, but it seems my problem is different to the OnBraNet user.

I own a 32PFL8404H where automatic display of now/next is still working, it means production date before June 2009. I receive about 100 free unencrypted channels and a lot more pay tv channels, I purchased only a few. So a working EPG list is urgently needed.

Until begin of December 2010 the IP-EPG "powered by tvtv" did work. Not perfect and not for all channels, but it gave me much benefit over EPG from the DVB-C-Channels, where the number of preferred channels is limited to 30, 40 or 50 (?) and is only filled with data if I had tuned to the channels manually before. Since December (shortly after switching to new NetTV Portal by Philips) the IP-EPG it doesn't work any more. I get only the response "IP-EPG has encountered an error (500)" but no more IP-EPG.

I did call Philips support several times and got different answers from "problem is known and will be fixed" over "temporary technical problem" to "tvtv has to fix it". One asked all details of connected device, MAC and so on and promised me Call back by a technician - that didn't happen until now. Even no answer by Mail (beside automatic reply by website).
In Between I did see, EPG is still working in shops and read it would work with other users, also customers of my cable provider (but using newer devices).
Clearing Internet cache didn't help. I had to register again with Club Philips and to accept the conditions of tvtv and after that the error occurs again...
I changed firmware back from 26.78.0 to 26.76.0 that was working until November - it didn't help.

So what could be the matter?

Anyone similar experiences in long time use and don’t working any more?
Is tvtv limiting the free use of the guide maybe only for one year like it does using their service via website, linux pvr or other devices?
Is the problem limited to older 2009 devices?