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    BluRay "The Raid" from AFilm doesn't want to play in my BDP7500SL

    Yesterday I tried to play my new BluRay disk "The Raid" from AFilm (Dutch publishing company) in my BDP7500SL.
    After about a minute of disk loading the three icon menu (Disk, USB and Settings) appeared and the front display on the player showed the text "Unknown".

    Trying to play the disk again using the "Disk" icon gave me a warning text overlay in the screen stating "This disc is unknown".

    I've tried playing another disk and that worked fine, so it seems to be an issue with the disk/player combination or the disk itself.

    Since I'm already running the latest published firmware (1.12 from August 2011) I couldn't solve this issue by updating the firmware.

    Can anybody help me with this issue?

    I've also informed AFilm about this, but haven't heard back from them.

    With kind regards,

    Pieter-Jan Kuyten

    --- UPDATE ---

    I still haven't heard back from AFilm (talk about bad customer support). I did post my problems on where someone suggested that my player might be broken. After doing some checks (mainly involving trying to play other BD25 disks from from the same publisher and others that have been known to indicate a broken player) I came to the conclusion that the player hardware isn't broken. So this seems to indicate either a faulty disk (I'll try to get a replacement next Saturday) or a change in the DRM code used on the disk which is incompatible with the latest firmware for the BDP7500SL.

    Does anybody else have this BluRay and is able to play it in their player?
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