I have a BDP 5200 to which I usually connect a 3.5" 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive via usb, to watch movies and listen to songs. It works fine, although a lot of times I cannot access folders - which are seen at first. The message I am given is 'No content'. These folders contain files that the player - CAN - read, such as mp3.

Now, the new problem is: yesterday I bought a new external hard drive. A 3.5" 3TB Western Digital MyBook, with USB 3.0 connector. Thing is: I connect the disc to the player, I turn it on, I turn on the player and...the player seems to recognize the disc, as the usb disc menu animation comes into motion, but when I try to access the disc...nothing happens. I can read on the player display USB but really nothing happens.

How can I solve both the problems?

Thank you and kind regards,