I have a problem with the HDMI-CEC (Easylink feature) on 46pfl8068H.
My XBMC Mediacenter is connected to the TV with the HDMI-CEC feature enabled and which works good.

My media center also supports airplay and when I'm playing music I would like to turn off the screen with functionality of the green button. But with HDMI-CEC enabled the functionality of the green button is taken over by my media center which results that I'm not able to turn off the screen anymore.

Is there a way that I can prevent that the green or all colored buttons on the remote is taken over by my media center? (because I actually don't need those enabled).

Is there a fast (1-button) way to turn off and on the Easylink feature?

The only solution is now going into a lot of selections in the configuration option and turn easy link off and back on again when needed.
As a side note:
I would also like to turn off the screen when I'm in Net TV and using the radio app.
The TV only detects Easylink devices when other devices are booted and the tv is switched off and on again, but not when the tv is taken out of stand-by mode. What would be even better is detecting easylink when selecting a source! This can only be fixed by a firmware update.