I have a Philips 22pfl4505d/F7 tv and a 2011 macbook pro running mountain lion. I'm trying to connect the two using an hdmi to dvi-i (male) cord from the tv, to dvi-i to thunderbolt converter which is plugged into my macbook. I tried this with another tv (forget model) and it worked fine, however with the Philips tv, the macbook only recognizes the tv if, for example, (this is kind of confusing to type), it is plugged into hdmi slot 2, and the tv's source is hdmi slot 1, or vice versa. If the mac is plugged into the same hdmi slot that the tv has as a source, neither device recognizes the other. Furthermore, though sometimes the macbook recognizes the Philips, the Philips never seems to detect the macbook. When the mac is plugged into the same slot the Philips has as a source, the screen will go blue for a moment as if recognizing it's plugged in, but then it comes back to normal and doesn't know it is connected. When the Philips is set to the opposite source and the macbook recognizes it is plugged in, like I mentioned earlier, I am able to check the 'mirror displays' option in system preferences, although it does nothing. I've tried restarting each device and plugging/unplugging the cords in every imaginable combination, but to no avail.

Help? Should I try buying different cords? Is there some type of app that will aid in them recognizing each other? Or should I accept that this is just not gonna happen?