Although I can not connect to the audio sound reproach Lg903ta 42pfl7695 tv. Sound system and an HDMI in, HDMI out and I tried that but the sound of the 5 +1 to TV I can not .. Add the settings on the device screen, I say .. Connectivity HDMI socket and the sound system options, I choose to do, but still the sound comes from TV's own speakers. No sound from home theater.

USB slot of the films I watched TV from 5 +1 to get the sound, if possible, of TV speakers I want to completely disable the sound system.

Left Right behind the emergence of television, home theater sound system, but it still does not strappin per rigt left aux .. Of Home theater TV, HDMI in, portable, usb, aux, aux-opt such as The options have not tried them all. The exit of the television can be a problemDid he?