I bought my college daughter a BDP2900 to watch blurays and dvds on. She couldn't get it to work so we had her bring it home so we could hook it up to her brothers tv since it is identical to hers. Still it wouldn't work. we used proper functioning HDMI cords and had the correct input on TV selected. We called support who told us that in order to even watch a blueray the firmware had to be updated. We tried twice to plug it in the router to update and that hasn't worked. I downloaded the update straight to my laptop but I now need to purchase a flashdrive to transfer it. All of the flashdrives we have have content on them we need. So now to spend the extra money on a flashdrive for my daughter to watch movies at college. I hope the flashdrive update works. We are not impressed at all. I understand the updates to go on Netflix but to just watch a movie. I think the box should have said flat out that internet is required to even watch a bluray!