We have had our new Phillips for a week and are still learning but so far I am disappointed in the Net Tv, Media Connect, and LAN access. All of the cool bells and whistles I hope to get, things that were advertised by the seller, published in the manual are not to my expectation.

My Model 46 PFL5705D\F7. What can this model do besides be a very nice LCD HDTV?

When I select Net Tv I get nothing but radios stations, that is all. Media Connect doesn't even exist, you have to have a code to get it, guess what no code anywhere in my documentation so there is no media sharing from my PC. The unit does have an ethernet port and of course I have it working but so far all it can do is play radio stations and let me spend money at net flicks. I am not interested in getting movies from netflix and if radio stations is all this machine can do then Isay this TV is not internet ready.

Philips WTF can this TV do that I am not seeing?