Well I have an interesting problem here. I connected my TV to my Home cinema set to have the sound of the TV on my speakers of the HTS 3220/12.

Connection is made coaxila calble audio out on the TV and audio in on the Home cin set. When playing the DVD sound is perfect and of course the picture on screen also. Connection from HTS 3220/12 is made by HDMI and sound is going to coaxial.

When playing a movie with my xtreamer media player sound is perfect. Media player is connecter by HDMI. Sound goes coaxial to the 3220/12. So the cables are OK

Then the problem. When looking TV the sound is very bad. Lot of noise and voices can not be heared correctly on the speakers of the 3220/12. When using the internal speakers of the TV al is perfect.

I called Philips helpdesk. They could not solve the problem. They suggested to connect the 3220/12 to an other TV to see if the problems move with the 3220/12. But I do not have a second TV with coaxial audio out.

They also suggested to use the head phone out from the TV to tulp in on the 3220/12. This of course works but goed around the problem. And when looking TV I can not hear any sounf when the 3220/12 is off. So no option.

I even replaced the coaxile cable but thiw was no solution. Did anyone ever solved this problem.

I am now waiting for repairs from Philips.