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I have more or less the same setup as you (Philips TV and Philips HTS), but my findings are somewhat different. I've set the TV speakers to "Easylink autostart" so that the sound gets routed through my HTS speakers. This is how the startup sequence works on my setup: I start the TV and it gives the autostart signal to the HTS. The HTS has a long startup time. Now before the HTS is completely started the TV checks if the sound can be routed through the HTS. This fails and TV gives the message "Can't switch to external speakers, internal speakers active". Now if I wait a little longer until the HTS finally starts up entierly I get a second message saying "External speakers active". Seems that when the HTS is up and running it gives a new signal to the TV and this switches to the external speakers as soon as it gets that signal. So, it takes some time (average 60 seconds) but this setup works.

I also use a CI+ module and I also see this pop-up, but it goes away by itself after a couple of seconds. To me this only occurs on encrypted channels of my TV provider, UPC.

This seems to be normal, Easylink shows that it sees 2 devices but cannot identify them (see my previous post).

I do agree with you that Philips could make things better, the software is not optimal, but I don't expect to see more support for the 2k11 tv's as Philips now fully focuses on the 2k12 models and the new 2k13 line.
I think my Easylink is completly broke since the new FW update.
I resetet the TV now 2x im completly, disabled and enabled Easylink with many restarts and shutdowns (soft and hard). But my TV is unable to get any device connected over Easylink. I contacted the support, and they told me that the "Undefined" message during start looks like a HW malfunction and they want to send someone to repair my TV.

I still think its a problem of the FW. I will try to reinstall the current FW maybe something got wrong?