Since I installed the new STB from my ISP Service provider I've got problems with HDCP sync in 1080P modus.

This shows the following behaviour:
Image is flickering off and on again
Sound is failing
Sometimes everything turns black for a long time

What helps is the following: turn off the Receiver and turn it on again. that resyncs the HDMI HDCP controls.

Also removing the Receiver from the setup will not solve the issue.

Motorola STB, IPTV KPN Dutch Telco (latest firmware)
Onkyo Receiver 509 (HDMI hub) latest firmware (2012) installed
Philips 42PFL7404 latest firmware (2010!!!) installed, no newer firmware available .....

Does anyone know how I can fix this? I was hoping to get a newer firmware for the Philips TV...

thank you.