I got this problem since some time. The led on my B120E/10 flashes green all the time.
I tried everything i have found in this forum but with no success. After i restart the camera the led lights amber for about a
minute and after this it flashes green. I reseted the camera many times but this doesn't helped.
Also deleted it from my account to try to install it like a new monitor with different applications (iOS, Android) same thing.
After reset it flashes green all the time. This happened about 3 weeks ago when i saw on the iOS app that the camera is offline but the led was flashing green. Pulled the power cabe to turn it off put it again to turn on but nothing changed.

Just to mention that none of both camera and wi-fi modem were moved, modified or something was changed. I was using the camera for about a year to monitor our kids room.

Since the camera is not working I bought another one.

Anyway i hope you can help so i can use the camera again.

Thank you!