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Today I loaded App version 2.2 and did the setup again which worked this time.
The indicated time was correct. I then moved the monitor to the final position for which I had to unplug it and plugged it in again.
After a while the light was steady green again but the indicated time reverted back to 1970-1-1.

Was this bug supposed to be fixed already? If so this was not fully successful. Is there any solution yet as I do not want to go through the entire setup process again.
Dear saegis,

Thanks for your reviews on the version 2.2.
We are now looking into your wrong date display issue. We will update you when we have more concrete information.

Meanwhile please advise if the below steps help. If doesn't we may help you to delete your monitor from our server so as to temporarily resolve this issue.

1) go to the 'Settings' in the In.Sight apps;
2) tab on the 'Online monitor';
3) tab on the 'Delete Monitor' button at the bottom of the page
4) go through the re-connection procedure for your monitor from the very beginning.

Kind regards,
Philips Moderation Team