I already tried contacting philips support several times regarding my problems with the DS9800W, but it seems they are not really taken seriously.

Apart from the already mentioned issues here in the forum that the DS9800 sometimes stop airplay streams or don't start to play at all i have another pretty annoying issue that i wasn't able to fix yet.

In my case the speakers sometimes rename themselves to "BridgeCo 04D29B". This happens quite often without any obvious reason. Sometimes i noticed that they had took on this strange name after I had to restart my router. Sometimes they just crash during streaming and when i try to restart streaming again i see them having this new name instead.

This is already my second set and i had exactly the same problem with the first one. I also have an AD7000W speaker which also renamed itself once to "BridgeCo 0B4670", but so far the AD7000W didn't do this anymore during the last months, the DS9800W are still renaming themselves regularly as they did again some days ago, when i came back from work and wanted to listen to some music. I wasn't sure if the speakers were on or off, so i took the remote and noticed that i had shut them off instead, after i had turned them on again i saw that they had renamed themself to "BridgeCo 04D29B".

I have had installed from the very beginning. Nevertheless yesterday i tried to update them again and see if this problem will come again.

Does anyone else have a similar problem?

My router is a Linksys E4200 and i have also an Airport Express running in the same network which i also use for airplaystreaming and the Airport Express never had any problems, crashes or whatever.

I would appreciate any help. I have been waiting for any fix since I bought the speakers back in April, so far there has not been a single firmware update yet!

Thanks and best regards, o.