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    DS9800/W sound improvements

    Not sure if I am the only one, but I also read some reviews about the DS9800W that equally complained about the speakers to sound rather lifeless at low volume settings (e.g. pc-advisor). This is the only problem I am having with mine (apart from the Firmware-issues).

    I sometimes want to play and listen to some music at rather low volumes either for background listening or just when i don't want to disturb my wife. unfortunately the DS9800W doesn't sound better than my kitchen radio when played like this. I am talking about the first 3 volume-notches from an iphone. The DS9800W starts to sound acceptable from the 4th and good from the 5th notch upwards (and then degrades again with the last few notches):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But at these low volumes the whole dynamics gets lost, bass disappears nearly completely and treble is also dull.

    Usually this is quite a normal behaviour as the human ear starts being much less sensitive to low and high frequencies at lower volumes, but as the DS9800W is an active and integrated speaker system, it should be more than easy to compensate for this with an adequate DSP algorithm like simple "loudness" that has been around for decades already.

    "DBB" should normaly do exactly this, but in case of the DS9800W DBB is nothing else than a global bass-boost that doesn't adjust its strength according to the actual listening level. DBB and EQ is anyway screwed up as DBB doesn't do anything if you don't use it with one of the exisiting EQ-presets, as soon as you try to create your own EQ-setting and turn DBB on, nothing happens at all.

    I usually don't use the EQ at all, but rather prefer the sound of the DS9800W with active "full sound". It would be great if we could have an additional DBB option that on the one hand worked together with "full sound" simultanously, on the other hand really worked as it is meant to be: a dynamic bass boost that adjust to the actual volume, not a global change of the EQ.

    I already owned dozens of different dockingstations, and even the small bose sounddock sounded much fuller and more convincing at low volumes than the DS9800W. i also had an Audyssey audiodock and this one sounded very impressive even at its lowest volume levels without ever sounding bloated or something, Audyssey just tuned the DSP to always sound right at all volume levels.

    This problem is not that uncommon. Before i settled for the DS9800W i had tried a Sonos system and this one even sounded worse at very low levels. Despite Sonos having a "loudness" option, it also only acts a global bass-boost not one that dynamically adjusts.

    Is there a any chance for such a Firmware enhancement? I could always try to adjust the EQ manually, but as the EQ settings with 5 bands from Dockstudio are rather limited and the DS9800W sounds so different when played either low or high, i would end up in trying to adjust it whole the time.

    So please give us some really advanced DBB algorithm.

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