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    Is 'media manager' the ONLY application allowing me to stream audio from my computer?

    I have set up my AW3000 speaker using my mobile phone and the airstudio app. I have also installed the 'media manager' application on my macbook pro. My experience with 'media manager' so far has not been positive. The application is extremely laggy and often stops responding altogether. Furthermore, integration with my standard choice for playing music (the Spotify service) seems to be nonexistent.

    I do not think the lag and freezing of media manager is due to any bad system specs - all other software on my laptop is working just fine.

    I would like to know whether there are other (third-party) applications that can take care of audio streaming from my laptop. Something akin to Airfoil perhaps, except that it would work with Philips' streaming protocol rather than airplay. Integration with Spotify on my laptop would be the ideal solution.

    I am not sure why only the mobile version of Spotify is supported so far. Surely a wireless speaker would benefit from decent software for use with PCs and Macs besides mobile phones and tablets? After all, I am not going to lug it around in public - it is very much a home sound system.
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