So we got a Philips 42PFL4007T/12 LED HD 1080p Smart TV, 42 inch for my grandad. But he cannot hear the sound as it does not go loud enough for him, and he wanted a dvd player for it.

So the perfect solution we thought would be a home cinema system..

We got him this sound system

Which has the DVD player and plenty of sound for him...

Well i have spent the last 6 hours trying to figure out how to set it up, i have tried EVERYTHING.

What we want, is sound on his sky channels, and then when he puts a dvd in the dvd player for the tv to switch to the dvd player which also has sound. Ideally he does not want to go through all the settings of changing the output etc to switch between the Sky channels and the DVD player as he is quite old and struggles to understand it all!

So far i have managed to connect everything as shown in the manual - Diagram below.

The problems are:

- Sky channels do not have any sound ( Depite going through all the settings and trying every setting after the correct settings were not working )

- When i put a dvd in the Home cinema system it does not automatially switch over to the DVD, instead it requires changing the output on the tv to HDMI 2 then changing the input on the Home cinema system. before finally it plays.. ( Strangely the standard tv remote allows you to change the volume.. Pause . Play . fast foward etc... )

But why is there no sound on the sky channels? And why is it so long winded switching between these systems.

Any help ? =[

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