Hi, I'm a happy user of my spectralight tv, although video playback capability is awful

Anyway, my children begin to grow up and they want to watch their movies in big screen. I was using my playstation3 and rasPi for this, but then why not internal playback of our fine tv. I checked the product page and some of the forum posts, but couldn't find a proper answer.

I basically want to play 1280x720 24p videos. Can you tell me what's the IDEAL conversion options:

1. Which container is *fully* supported by my TV (5805H in this occasion)? (AVI/MKV/MP4?)

2. Which video Codec is native to it's chipset? (if there is one, if it isn't which one is the most compatible?)

3. Which video bitrate is the most efficient for that codec (please consider audio decoding bitrate too).

4. Which audio codec native/most compatible at 128kbit?

in short, what's the best settings for efficient, clean, seamless usb playback?

Thank you.