Hi! I own a Cinema 21:9 Gold, and i am wondering about the Smart Setting. Simply put: Does smart setting "remember" or save PC mode on/off settings and/or picture format? Because i cannot get this to work. It seems to save some setting randomly, but others you have to manually set from the settingsmenu?

What i need is to use one setting when watching TV and Movies from my computer (when doing so i want to take the advantage of the Pixel Precise-features and ergo can not have pc-mode turned on) and another Smart setting when using the TV as a monitor (i then of course want the pc-mode turned on).

Since i'm not getting Smart Setting to save either pc-mode or picture format i have to do a LOT of menu-browsing / remote clicking - all the freaking time.

I would be grateful for a reply regarding this as it is driving me nuts..