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Hi Paul !

IIRC, the max bitrate is 320 kbps.
Other limitations are :
The MP3 tags (metadata) must be correctly written, i.e. strictly follow the MP3 standard. Some software (iTunes is an example) does not obey the MP3 standard so it mangles the MP3 files so the WAC700can't parse them properly.
The MP3 files cannot contain big metadata chunks such as Album Art bigger than approximately 500 kBytes (one image of 500kB or 2 images of 250 kB, the total shall not be more than 500 kB etc). Other software adds some kind of long id tags (iTunes again) and some other stuff too.

Cheers !
Thanks Tias.

We can always rely on your support.

I downloaded the files from Amazon, so I'll check for any inconsistancies in the ID3 tags.

There are a few long strings in the comments tags so I'll remove these and any embedded album art to see if the files will then transfer.

I'll keep you updated if it works in case it's useful for other users at another time.

Thanks again Amigo