My knowledge of video and audio cables would qualify me as "challenged". But, after much painstaking and probably unnecessary research, i finally got my 40PFL Phillips TV connected to my soundbar so I can hear the sound on all TV broadcasts. I wasn't happy with the sound quality of the TV and even though I tried adjusting it through the settings, I just couldn't get it. Especially on sports broadcasts where the crowd would be louder than the announcer! I ordered the soundbar and could not get it to connect. The TV doesn't have HDMI out connections but has digital audio out on the back of the TV and the soundbar has an S/PDIF connection. After headscratching, hit and miss, I finally ordered a digital audio cord, a toslink S/PDIF cord, and an adapter to put between them. And wow, I now have sound that is just great. I can hear everything SO much better. It didn't sound very good until I turned the speakers off on the TV, then the difference was just wonderful. Now if I can just keep track of that very small remote that came with the soundbar! That's the only way I can change the volume on the sound now. I hope this helps someone--I'm just glad I was able to get it to work for me.