I have had issues with net tv since i was cursed and bought the thing about a year ago. As soon as i try and use net Tv and youtube i have to sign in every time and it will not for love nor money save my username and password, My pc does it my phone does it my laptop does it. But this thing will not. Finally when i get logged in after an hour of having to re boot the tv numerous times, it then will not let you watch anythin g with an advertisment in it and even after this crashes and turns evrything on the screen in to a green haylo. Now it wont read media files or link with my mobile as it did it wont now. £2000 for utter frustration and to be honest the only thing its good for is a pc monitor. It wont update the sound output seems to be getting less and less . Philips used to be good i even bought a £250 arctic shaver of theres my 5 year old £70 one is better. Cutting costs and quality have lost my cutom. Never thought i would say this but ive had three faultless products from them so to Samsung it is!!!!