I have some extra input for Philips.
First of all I agree with everything k1200rs said and the latest software update has been a great improvement.
Second, I would advise Philips to compare the AW1000/10 with a WDTV live (it costs about 100 euros). The Philips apps and Mediamanager support the WDTV live straight out-of-the-box and I have noticed that the combination of Airstudio and the WDTV is a lot better than with Philips own AW1000/10. So the problem is basically the AW1000/10 firmware and not the apps.

Functions I would really appreciate are:
1. App, playinf folders from a Twonky server. The order of numbers is by default alphabetical. In Mediamanager you can set this to the order in which they are in the real album. An esential function in my opinion.
2. Hardware. I want to use a fixed ip-address and Not a DHCP one!
3. The manual contains virtually no detailed technical information at all. I still do not know what FLAC files the AW1000/10 supports. The WDTV will play any Flac file at nay audio resolution with up to 5.1 channels, for example.
4. Speed, speed, speed.

I am using the AW1000/10 alongside a WDTV Live and a Logitec Squeezebox Touch in combination with an Onkyo 7.1 surround amplifier and a QNAP serevr with Twonky and a FLAC music library of over 64000 tracks, (which is why I can't use the Sonos range that still has the antiquated 64K limit).
The AW1000/10 is getting betetr, but it is not yet competitive enough. It could heva been a great replacement for the Sonos range and the Logitech Squeezeboxes.